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8 Great Under-the-Radar Ohio Restaurants

December 4, 2021

8 Great Under-the-Radar Ohio Restaurants

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new favorite place to eat. But with so many famous Ohio restaurants out there, where do you begin? Maybe you don’t have to look too far for good food, but you want something special, don’t you? If so, you’re in luck: not every tasty date night diner, go-to lunch spot, or inspired bakery has hit the spotlight yet. It doesn’t mean they aren’t well on their way. Even some Ohio restaurants that have gained a little notoriety are still always exploring new recipes, chasing perfection, and fighting for your attention.

And among those restaurants vying for your Yelp review… some really, really deserve a good one. Here are eight of the best restaurants in Ohio that you may not have heard of just yet.

8 of the Best Restaurants in Central Ohio

We can’t name every mouthwatering Ohio restaurant, but our eight favorites right now in the area offer a variety of dishes that will change the way you think about meal time.


Looking for that classic downtown deli experience with scrumptious sandwiches and belly-warming soups? Come on down to Provisions Bakery & Deli, a sweet little spot in the heart of Lancaster. And if you have room left afterwards, why not give one of their fresh baked desserts a try?

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The Well

We know what you’ve been thinking… not very many Ohio restaurants have play areas for kids these days, right? And surely none of the ones that do also offers organic food and direct-trade coffee, right???

Well, well, well, friend. Your oddly specific list of demands has been met. Welcome to The Well.

Boasting the best fresh coffee in Fairfield County and an array of vegan and vegetarian bites you can feel great about, this little family-owned spot is a definite must-try Ohio restaurant for the whole family.

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O’Huids Gaelic Pub

It can be a challenge to find an Irish pub that is true to its roots. Sure, any corner bar will serve Guinness and green beer come St. Paddy’s Day, but O’Huid’s gives you the year-round opportunity to try authentic Irish food as well. Don’t know what authentic Irish food is exactly? Not to worry — O’Huid’s is the perfect place to dip your toes into the proverbial lough and learn all about one of the best-kept culinary secrets in the world.

There aren’t a lot of family-owned Ohio restaurants with European ambience and enough specialty cocktails, sours, ciders, and stouts to make you wonder if you’ve taken a surprise trip across the pond. Lucky for us, O’Huid’s offers all of that and more. Bite into a savory cottage pie or raise a lamb lollipop to the heavens as you slog down some of the darkest beer on tap this side of Belfast.

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Cherry Street Pub

There’s pub food and then there’s pub food that’s homemade with fresh ingredients you can feel good about. Go ahead and take a guess at which category Cherry Street Pub falls into. We’re talking about freshly prepared, English-pub-style meals made with love here, folks.

And what’s an English pub without the promise of a few frothy pints served on a storied bar that’s over 100 years old? We dare say that would be no English pub at all. Thankfully, no such accusation can be made of our beloved little pub and grille on the corner of East Wheeling and North Cherry.

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Buckeye Lake Winery

Picture this: Buckeye Lake is gleaming as you motor back to shore after a nice, long Sunday morning spent quietly fishing. As you glide up to the dock, it hits you all at once — a type of hunger known only to early risers with hours of effort behind them and a great, big day of freedom ahead. But where can you go to fuel up your belly by the lake on such short notice?

I’ll tell you exactly where you want to go, traveler. Because there’s only one place to go when it comes to Sunday brunch in that neck of the woods. Buckeye Lake Winery opens at noon on Friday through Sunday, so order up some Classic Eggs Benedict or Short Rib Hash and enjoy a hearty late breakfast at one of the best Ohio restaurants around. You’ve earned it.

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Clearcreek Cakes and Bakes

If you’re in need of a yummy lunch special or the best homemade sheet or layer cake this side of the county line, Clear Creek Cakes and Bakes is definitely worth a stop. Got an extra five minutes on your way to work? Stop by for a morning muffin, cinnamon roll, or breakfast sandwich on your way to work. Heck, why not grab all three? We won’t tell.

Seasonal Tip: The cake pops and cookies on display in this little Ohio bakery make phenomenal stocking stuffers and year-round gifts for anyone with a sweet tooth in your life.

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Baltimore Pint House

The Baltimore Pint House graces our list as yet another Ohio restaurant that doubles as a historical landmark. This particular watering hole used to be an actual bank. Take a load off on the patio with a giant, delicious burger and a pint of craft beer or post up at the bar for warm-but-speedy service. Chowing down at the Baltimore Pint House will certainly prove a worthwhile investment in your happiness. 😉

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El Pedregal

El Pedregal’s authentic south-of-the-border menu is as tasty as it is extensive. The family-owned Mexican restaurant offers everything from T-Bone Steak Tampiqueño to the imaginative cultural blend of their Hawaiian Fajitas, Burritos, and Nachos.

And what can we even say about the fabled El Pedregal margarita? Not satisfied with any of the five unique margarita options they keep on the menu? Try out the new Make Your Own Organic Margarita selection instead!

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What are YOUR Favorite Ohio Restaurants?

When it comes to famous restaurants in Ohio, several establishments on this list are well on their way. Let us know which under-the-radar Ohio restaurants have won your heart by tagging us and using #FCFood on Facebook or Instagram!

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