Glassware & Ice: The At-Home Bartender’s Smartest Tools For Professional Cocktails

Photo of a cocktail


This class, held at Faux, is about two essentials in cocktail making: Glassware & Ice. But what glassware is right and for what cocktails? And how the heck do you make big clear ice and cut it at home? Ben The Bar Guy from Hereinafter Cocktail Tavern and Heretofore Wine Shop in nearby Millersport, Ohio, has the answers for you.

You can make fantastic drinks with only a few basic glasses and a knowledge of how certain cocktails fit best in them. And you happen to be in one of the best places in the world, Lancaster, Ohio, for glassware. In addition, amazing clear cocktail ice to impress your friends is only a small effort and a few tools away from being made in your own kitchen.

Tickets are $45 per person.

Reserve your ticket here.

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