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Devol – Dallow – Taylor – Anchor Hocking Guest House: 118 East Wheeling Street


This Federal Period home was built in 1834 by Daniel Sifford. When the house was completed Sifford sold it to George Myers for $3000. The new owner sold “Yankee clocks, made sandals, and engaged in brewing” among his other occupations.

In 1856, Gilbert Devol purchased the property. Devol had a very successful foundry and machine shop in Lancaster. It is thought that many of the fine fences in Lancaster were made in Devol’s foundry. An interesting note about Devol: He was born in a “blockhouse” at Campus Martius, his father was Capt. Jonathon Devol, a pioneer member of the famous Ohio Company.

In 1912 the Dallows purchased the home and began renovations, restoring the home to its original structure, taking down additions that had been added and extended to the alley. The Dallows then added the west wing, which encompasses the dining room, front sunroom, porch, as well as the bedrooms and bath upstairs.

During the years of 1941 and 1942, Malcolm Forbes, son of B.C. Forbes, Forbes Magazine, moved here after college to learn the basics of publishing and running a paper in a small town, preparing him to work for his father’s company. He started up the Lancaster Times and the Fairfield Tribune. He lived in the one-room apartment in the carriage house. In 1942, he left for World War II.

In 1975 Anchor Hocking Corp. acquired the house and began an extensive remodeling of the home and carriage house, preserving the elegance of the home. It was used as a guest house for official visitors of the company.

The home features an outstanding rare curved doorway with fanlight, exceptionally fine woodwork, elegant lines, stone steps and walls, and an early iron fence. A spiral stairway that begins spiraling from the bottom and goes up to the third floor, and nine fireplaces with artistic mantle designs grace the inside of the home.

Today it is a private residence.

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