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Martin – Parker – Barrett Home: 115 East Wheeling Street


This Eastlake Victorian-style home was built in 1875 for John Martin, the second owner of the Georgian, as an income-producing property. Features include a 32 ft. entry hall with a graceful staircase and six woodburning fireplaces.

In 1973 the home was saved from being torn down for a parking lot and was restored when Royal and Miriam Parker purchased it. The home had been converted to a duplex years earlier, and the new owners converted it back into a single-family home, which took two years to complete. They burned off the exterior painting and re-installed the center staircase, which they found in pieces in the attic. They updated the house with new wiring, new plumbing, and a new kitchen, stripped all of the doors, shutters, and floors, rehung the ceilings, and put the six woodburning fireplaces back into working order. In the living room, they discovered a signature on the wallpaper, dated March 19, 1885, by Charles E. Scovill. The Parkers used 250 rolls of wallpaper to redecorate. They removed a large front porch, added a new roof and gutters, and added two furnaces (it never had a furnace).

In 1989 Dr. James and Nancy Barrett purchased the home. In 1990 they were approved to build a new carriage and guest house behind this residence which Nancy and her sister designed.

This home is a private residence.

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