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Reese – Mattox – Rockwood Home: 128 East Wheeling Street


Built in 1834 by Daniel Sifford, this home is a fine example of a Greek Revival style. Features include pilasters on the front, details on the pediment and cornice, and the symmetry displayed by the one-story wings on each side of the main structure. They are all typical of the Greek Revival style so popular at the time. The interior has a spiral stairway, an unusual curved door frame, and a curved door near the top of the stairs. The iron fence is one of the finest in Lancaster, Chippendale design, and the delicacy is unusual.

Henry Reese, son of William Reese, lived here for many years after purchasing the house in 1858. He was appointed Paymaster General of the Army in 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln.

In 1945 the home was purchased and restored by Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mattox.

In 1992 Mrs. Caroline Rockwood acquired the home and lived there until she passed away in 2020. She was one of the founders of the Fairfield County Heritage Association. She was also instrumental in creating an appropriate public/community use for her father’s family house, The Reese -Peters House, bringing the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio to life. She took great pride in the organization it became.

This home is a private residence.

Sherman Trail: Built by Daniel Sifford in 1834 (1840) and purchased by Henry Reese, son of Wm. T Reese and Mary Elizabeth Sherman Reese (General Sherman’s sister) in 1858. William and Mary came to live with Henry and this was their final home. Mary was a pillar of the Episcopal church down the hill (St. John’s). Henry was appointed paymaster general of the Army in 1861 by Abraham Lincoln.

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