The home at 134 North High Street.
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Matlack – Kesinger – Ballard – Lantz Home: 134 North High Street


This home was built between 1826 & 1831 (records cannot confirm an exact date) for the Matlack family. The Federal-style home’s Greek revival features include: “eyebrow” windows under the roof line on the upper floor, a hip roof with extending eaves, four substantial chimneys symmetrically placed on the roof, fretwork under the eaves, and imposing cornices over the doors and windows. A kitchen, dining nook, and enclosed porch were added at a later unknown date.

In 1859, William Tecumseh Sherman was assigned to the Louisiana Military Academy, leaving his wife and children behind in Lancaster. This is the house they lived in while he was away.

In the 1940s, Lucy Ballard resided in the home with her sister Florence Kesinger. Lucy volunteered with the local Red Cross Chapter and crocheted lounging slippers for the servicemen and women. They proved to be such a hit and in demand, that the Lockbourne Army Air Base and the Fort Hayes hospital ordered 500 pairs. The Red Cross promised 250.

In the late 1950s through the early 1970s, it was the home of Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, James A. Lantz, and his family.

The home is a private residence.

Sherman Trail: In 1859, Ellen Ewing Sherman and the children rented this home while Sherman was superintendent at the Louisiana Seminary of Learning and Military Academy which is now Louisiana State University.

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