41 East Wheeling Street
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Dumont – Sifford – Webb – Balthaser Home: 141 East Wheeling Street


The land was purchased by Thomas Ewing in 1827, who later divided the lot into two parts and had a log house constructed on the east half as an investment in 1830.

Julius Dumont, the namesake for Dumontville, bought the house in 1833. He was an early doctor and druggist. In 1836, Daniel Sifford, a noted builder who constructed the Georgian, among other homes, purchased this home. Additions were made between 1836 and 1840.

The shape of this Victorian appearing home with a hip roof is determined by the presence of the original log home within its walls. It had been remodeled and improved several times extensively in 1864 when the Victorian appearance was added.

During the years 1865 – 1902, the home was known as the Webb Homestead. A “W” can still be seen above the front door.

In 1962, the Balthaser family acquired the home and did more remodeling. The back section of the house had deteriorated beyond repair and had to be removed. A new kitchen, utility room, upstairs bedroom, and small porch were added.

The inside features beautiful original red oak flooring, mantels, woodwork, sandstone foundation, and a hand-hewn log framework in the front portion.

This home is a private residence.

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