147 East Wheeling Street
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Orman – Weirich – Luttrell Home: 147 East Wheeling Street


This mid-Victorian home was built in 1875 by Henry Orman who made this his home for many years. Henry Orman was in the lumber business. He purchased the lot in 1829 when he was an apprentice carpenter. Orman, a staunch Whig, always provided the Whig pole used for political rallies on the square. Orman died in 1900 leaving behind two children. During the year 1915, both children passed away, and the house sat empty until it went up for sheriff’s sale in 1920.

Hip-style roof and excellent, wide cornices on this home give it great distinction. In 1922 the new owners, the Weirichs, made major renovations to it including re-placing a crawl space with a full basement and adding an arbor porch.

The woodwork inside this Victorian home is made up of ash and walnut. A marble fireplace is in the parlor. In the sunroom, there is an unusual mantel with inlaid carvings that was discovered upon renovation in the early 1980s. The doorway is framed by delicate glasswork.

A fun find in the house was up in the attic. The attic hid a little treasure that had been in hiding for many years! Under some loose floorboards, a case of bourbon from prohibition years was uncovered.

The home is a private residence.

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