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Wright – Boerstler – Reinmund – White – Lancaster Elks Lodge: 129 East Main Street


Lot 11 of Square 13 was sold in 1807 to Rev. John Wright, the first pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Lancaster. He lived there until 1838 when he transferred the property to Dr. George Boerstler, a prominent physician in Lancaster. He lived there until his passing in 1871.

The home ran 82 1/2 feet along Main Street and was 165 feet deep. In 1877, Henry Reinmund, Insurance Commissioner of Ohio under Gov. Hoadley, purchased the home. He hired J. B. Orman in 1880 to remodel it into a stylish French Empire mansion with a mansard roof. The front entrance has a vestibule built entirely of marble.

In 1887 it became the home of Dr. E. B. White, a physician and early druggist. It remained in the White family until Dr. White’s death. His widow sold it to the Lancaster Elks in 1919.

The cornerstone for the new building was laid in 1920. The Lancaster Elks added on a 150 by 50-foot section to the rear.

The front porch was turned into a solarium. The north end of the building was torn down after a wall collapsed.

Today it is Maria’s Mexican Restaurant.

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