A local mural painting of a boat on the Ohio-Erie Canal.
Art & Culture

Ohio-Erie Canal Mural


This mural on the side of the building at 73 W. Canal Street is located next to a historical marker that examines the canal history of the region. The mural, depicting a canal boat, houses, and people, was based on an actual historic photo taken when the canal ran through Carroll. The boat pictured, the Dick Gorham, was a state canal boat that monitored the entire length of the southern descent of the Ohio-Erie Canal. The boat was eventually abandoned in the canal at Carroll.

Carroll was the site of the junction of the Ohio-Erie Canal and the Lancaster Lateral Canal — the only junction of two canals in Fairfield County. The town boasted two locks – Lock #9 and Lock #10. Carroll’s canal basin was wide enough that boats could turn around, and it was so large that boats often wintered there. The last canal boat passed through Carroll in 1897.

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