FC Ohio Historical Marker Trail


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The Bremen Oil Boom Historical Marker.
102 N Broad St, Bremen, OH, 43107

Bremen Oil Boom Historical Marker

The Bremen Oil Boom commenced in 1907-’08 and the town became a center in the region’s petroleum industry. The area...
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Camp Anderson Historic Marker
159 W Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH, 43130

Camp Anderson Historical Marker

Fairfield County quickly mobilized after the attack on Ft. Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861 and the beginning of...
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The Ohio-Erie Canal Mural in Carroll, Ohio.
128 N Broad St, Lancaster, OH, 43130

Fairfield County Historical Marker Trail

If you’ve traveled around the state you’ve probably seen one of the historical markers. The Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate,...
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The Fairfield School For Boys 1857-1979 Historical Marker
5900 BIS Rd SW, Lancaster, OH, 43130

Fairfield School for Boys 1857-1979 Historical Marker

As the nation’s first and largest minimum security correctional facility, the Fairfield School for Boys served over 100,000 Ohio juvenile...
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The John Bright #2 Covered Bridge Historical Marker.
1570 Granville Pike Lancaster, OH, 43130

John Bright #2 Covered Bridge Historical Marker

Built in 1881, John Bright #2 covered bridge originally spanned Poplar Creek on Bish Road near Baltimore, Ohio. It is...
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The Ohio-Erie Canal Mural in Carroll, Ohio.
73 W Canal St, Carroll, OH, 43112

Junction of The Ohio Erie and Lancaster Lateral Canals Historical Marker

Canals were an important means of transportation when Carroll was founded in 1829 by William Tong and his brother Oliver,...
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