Three parks and the land on which City Hall stands were given to the City for public use by Ebenezer Zane when he laid out the town in 1800.

Fountain Square, circa 1890

Ornate cast iron and zinc fountain crafted by J.W. Fiske of New York City, to replicate one in Etain, France. The Fountain Committee Ladies raised funds to purchase the fountain. It was dedicated on July 23, 1890.

General William T. Sherman Statue, circa 2000

In historic downtown Lancaster, there is Veterans’ Square dedicated to the veterans of all wars. The area prominently features a bronze statue of General Sherman. The statue was erected in July 2000, as a Bicentennial project. Mike Major, a sculptor from Urbana, took two years to complete the statue.

Sherman’s Cannon, circa 1862

“Sherman’s Cannon,” & Civil War artillery piece, given to the City by General Sherman. This was “One of the guns that spoke at Shiloh.”

Zane Square Bandstand, circa 1976

The bandstand was a bicentennial project, built with funds, labor, and materials provided by the local city and county governments, private contributions, and local industries. The cast iron railing replicates the one at the Mumaugh Memorial and the eight fluted columns came from the Martens Hotel. The 65-inch tall wrought iron spire on top of the bandstand was created by a local blacksmith.

Upcoming Events at Zane Square.

May 18 ‐ 19, 2024 All Day

Zane Square 104 North Broad Street

June 19, 2024 11:00 AM ‐ 1:00 PM EST

Zane Square 104 North Broad Street

June 23, 2024 12:30 PM ‐ 2:30 PM EST

Zane Square 104 North Broad Street

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