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Lil Stuffin’s Workshop

March 15, 2021

Lil Stuffin’s Workshop

Brian Snyder, the owner of Lil Stuffin’s Workshop, never dreamed he would run such a fun business.  “I was a security specialist for more than twenty years. Heck, I didn’t even know that work could be fun!” he explained. “But now, I get all excited if one of the staff members has to call off because it means that I get to come in and work their shift!”

We want to hang out here, too!

Who wouldn’t love to be in a place that makes people happy? Children – and adults! – get to scope out an impressive array of animals and choose their favorite. Then you select the color and message for your friend’s heart. You can add special scents or a sound module to personalize it more. You and the staff work together to create your new friend.

Making all the tough choices!

When the animal is complete, visitors often take their friends across the shop to the Scrubbin’ Station. They can don an apron, grab a washcloth, and give their new friend a “bath.” Afterwards, they can also select from a wide variety of costumes or even pick out a special home for their little friend.

Having fun at the Scrubbin’ Station!

Store Manager Rebecca White said, “I absolutely love it here. This is the best job ever! I love being around the kids and watching their faces light up when their animal is all finished.” During our visit to Lil Stuffin’s Workshop, Rebecca helped several children – as well as grown-ups celebrating their birthdays – bring their new best friends to life.

Rebecca makes another face light up!

Rebecca giggled when she and Brian discussed “The Duck Situation.” Staff has developed a tradition in which each shift at the shop hides a duck somewhere in the store. The only rule is that the duck must be at least partially visible, not just shoved in a box somewhere. Your day has to be fun when it starts with a treasure hunt!

Can you imagine how many places you could hide a duck around here???

Brian told us his philosophy about the experience at Lil Stuffin’s. “Our guests aren’t just making a friend, they’re making a life-long memory.” Come down and let Brian, Rebecca, and the rest of the staff help you create memories – and your new best friend!

Meet your new DIY BFF!

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