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Walker’s Shoe Center

April 16, 2021

Walker’s Shoe Center

What is the secret behind Walker’s Shoe Center’s long-lasting success story? It’s no secret – it’s good old fashioned customer service!

The area’s only sit-and-fit shoe store has been serving customers since 1836.  Six generations of the Walker family have learned that customer service is what keeps bringing people back.    

The Walker family is here to serve you!

When Phil Walker (5th generation) opened the store in Lancaster in 1960, he was competing against seven other shoe stores. He decided to distinguish his shop from the competition by focusing on exceptional customer service. That focus has remained to the present.

Walker’s appreciates their customers!

“We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t give outstanding customer service,” explains Melissa Walker (6th generation). “To me, it’s an issue of respect. Everyone who comes through our door is a person who needs help. It’s our job to help guide them to the right shoe that can solve their problems and eliminate their pain.”

This is a Brannock Device, which is used to accurately measure your feet.

And, let me tell you, that is exactly what I experienced when I shopped there. I was suffering from incredible foot pain and my podiatrist prescribed custom orthotics that I must wear every day. I simply could not find shoes that fit me properly and could also accommodate the orthotics – until I went to Walker’s Shoe Center.

I love all my shoes from Walker’s!

I rushed to Walker’s one day after work. Melissa and Logan greeted me, measured my feet (that’s right – they actually measure your feet!), talked to me about what I was looking for, and started helping me find the right shoes. I tried at least 20 pairs before I found one that I liked and felt comfortable in. It took almost 2 ½ hours!!! Even more impressive, Walker’s closes at 5:30, so those two ladies stayed super late just to help me – and they smiled the whole time. I’ve purchased several pairs of shoes since then, and I won’t shop anywhere else.

The staff ensures that Jeff’s new shoes fit correctly.

But I’m not the only one who has an amazing customer service story. Jeff Poling wouldn’t consider buying shoes anywhere but Walker’s. When he was experiencing severe pain in his legs, Melissa recommended that he wear a particular type of insole as well as specialty shoes. “The pain was so bad that I figured I’d have to have surgery,” Jeff said. “I’m so grateful for her advice. No one in a regular store would care enough to help me like that.”

Jeff tells the staff a joke on his way out the door.

The folks at Walker’s appreciate all their loyal customers, too. “I am so, so grateful for the people of this community,” Melissa shared. “The pandemic isn’t all bad because it showed us how supportive our community is. We had so many people coming in saying that they were there because they just wanted to support a local business.”

The next time you’re in the market for shoes, please give Walker’s a try. I am certain you will end up agreeing with Jeff, me, and thousands of other satisfied shoppers. It all adds up: Quality Products + Outstanding Customer Service = Walker’s Shoe Center.

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