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Covered Bridges

What is it that fuels our fascination with covered bridges? Is it the amazing architecture or the builders’ ingenuity?  Could it be the beautiful backroads and scenic landscape we explore on our way to the bridges? Or do we simply long to step back in time to the days when horses ruled the roads? Whatever you find appealing about covered bridges, you’ll experience it in spades in Fairfield County! Many people are surprised to discover that our region is home to many original covered bridges. Join bridge enthusiasts from all over the world and explore our historic covered bridges! Click below to access the  Fairfield County Covered Bridge Trail Guide We would love to see pictures from your Fairfield County bridge adventures.As you post your photos to your favorite social media channels be sure to tag us, @VisitFairfieldCounty and use #FCBridgeLove and/or #VisitFC.