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Karaoke Pottery Playshop at Mud Gallery

Gif of "The Office" tv show with karaoke


Make it a date with your bestie or lover making pottery in Mud Gallery’s laid-back atmosphere! You are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage while creating your masterpiece. There will be singing and dancing! Hand-building pottery and decorative methods will be demonstrated and assistance given if needed. Here are some ideas of what you can make: a small planter, a ring dish, an incense burner, or fairy house doors. This is not a pro karaoke setup, please use your phone for words and they have a mic if you want, Mud Gallery just wants to have fun! Primitive Mud Pottery Studio will finish your creation with a food-safe glaze and will be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks. Limited space, so register early.
For more information, visit Mud Gallery’s Facebook.

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