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Public Hunt at the Fairfield County Infirmary

An abandoned room


Tickets are $85 (nonrefundable) | Text 740-994-1230

Join the Fairfield County Infirmary staff for a few group rotations and then free roam during this public ghost hunt! Pizza and beverages included. Join the FCI crew for a night you’ll talk about forever. Ghost hunting? Sounds like Friday night! Is it really the most haunted building in southern Ohio? Depends on who you ask. Do you believe in ghosts? Fairfield County Infirmary is undoubtedly a place worth investing in and a piece of this community’s legacy of longevity. The FCI crew is obsessed with preserving this structure, its history and the stories they tell about the place. Your ticket purchase helps save history.


Times are approximate and may be changed slightly.

6:30pm: Check in
7pm: Introduction
7:15pm: Tour
7:45pm: Pizza
8:30pm: Group session #1
9:00pm: Group session #2
9:30pm: Break
9:45pm: Group session #3
10:15pm: Free roam

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