Wine & Bovines at Rockside Winery & Vineyards

A girl smiling and petting a highland cow


Who doesn’t want to hug a fluffy cow?! Pfarr Farms is coming to Rockside Winery & Vineyards for the very first time Sunday, June 2nd giving you a unique and fun opportunity to have your picture taken with their Scottish Highland Cows. The Impastas food truck will be there from 1-4 p.m. serving up their delicious signature pasta dishes. Rockside will also feature a new and exclusive wine slushy dedicated to the Pfarr Family and their cows!

Have your photo taken with the cows for just $20 per group; additional photos for couples or individual will be $10 extra. During this event, no dogs will be allowed as they will frighten the animals. Children are permitted during this event; however, they must remain with guardians at all times. If children are observed being unsupervised, running, or damaging property in any way, the entire party will kindly be asked to leave.

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