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Mccracken – Martin – Reeves – Georgian Museum: 105 East Wheeling Street


This home was built in 1832 for Samuel Maccracken, a prominent businessman and fundraiser for the Lancaster Lateral Canal system. It was built by Daniel Sifford and was constructed in the Georgian design with Regency features including jib windows in the west parlors, and an imposing portico with five fluted Ionic columns, each encasing a complete tree trunk for support. It was built with local materials, including red hand-fired brick.

The thirteen-room house features an enormous front hall and an unsupported spiral stairway designed by Wm. Cassel. This leads up two flights of stairs to a skylight in the roof of the central gable. Massive doors between the double parlors are made of cherry with panels of Santa Domingo mahogany. King of Prussia blue marble mantels grace both parlors.

It was purchased and restored in the 1970s by the Fairfield Heritage Association to be used as a museum. It features furnishings and artifacts from both the Maccracken and Martin families, and other early Fairfield County pieces which were gifted from descendants of early settlers.

The building is owned and operated by the Fairfield County Heritage Association. Open for tours on the hour, Wednesday thru Sunday 1:00 – 3:00. Closed January, February, and March except by appointment. Group tours can be arranged.

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Sherman Trail: Built in 1832 by Daniel Sifford for one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the area, Samuel Maccracken, and his wife Sarah. Samuel arrived in Lancaster about the same time as Charles Sherman. Charles Sherman often did legal work for Samuel Maccracken. This home would have been built while Sherman was living with the Ewings. The population of the town doubled during this decade as Maccracken helped bring the canal to Lancaster.

Samuel and Sarah’s sons, John and James, attended school with the Sherman and Ewing children.

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