A building at 132 East Main Street.
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Ferrer – Stallsmith – Davis: 132 East Main Street


This lot was sold in 1801 to Thomas Ferrer from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In 1818 his heirs sold it to John Stallsmith, a shoemaker.

In 1833 Dr. George W. Boerstler, along with his family including son-in-law Dr. Tom O. Edwards, moved to Lancaster and opened up their first practice in this building. Dr. Boerstler’s home was across the street, the site where Maria’s restaurant is today. Dr. Boerstler was one of the leading physicians in town.

In 1864 Elizabeth Stallsmith sold it to Dr. Oliver Davis.

The Moonglow Glass Co. occupied the building in 1927. They had a display room and packing room on the first floor, and on the second floor is where they had their cutting, finishing, and storage rooms. In 1928 a fire broke out in the packing room destroying several frame buildings at the alley intersection of the Hillside Hotel. They lost their entire inventory.

The building consists of two adjoining frame buildings; the back of the home was built in a Federal style and the later building facing Main St. was added in 1865 in the Victorian style.

In 1981 the law firm of Kellner, Williams, Booth, and Williams were awarded a Coronet Award from the Fairfield Heritage Association for their work in restoring the old building for office purposes, both on the outside and the inside.

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