A blue historic building at 140 E. Main Street in Lancaster, Ohio.
History & Heritage

Axline – Kreider – Dagger – Lantz – Johnston Law Firm: 140 East Main Street


This early frame building, with some log construction, was built around 1832. It is located in the 14th square (across from Square 13.) This was considered part of Lot 4 in the original town map. Judge Jacob Burton, an associate in the court of Common Pleas of Fairfield County purchased the lot in 1804 and owned this lot until 1816 when he sold it to Christian Weaver.

In 1834 it became the property of Dr. Michael Z. Kreider and remained in his family until 1868. (Dr. Kreider also owned lot 5 next door.) His property contained a 300’ ft frontage, a residence with 16 rooms, a drug store, his office, and student quarters. To the rear of the property were store rooms, a smokehouse, carriage sheds, pig pens, and barns for the horses and cows.

Dr. Kreider was an eminent physician, and was said to “stand head and shoulders above all others.” He was not only a physician but a preacher, politician, and temperance lecturer. He held the position in the Masons as Grand Marshall of the State and Grand Commander of the Knights Templar.

In 1868 the Kreider family sold off the west half of lot 4 to the Goetz family. This is where the Hillside Hotel was built.

In 1905 the Axline family purchased the home and used the bottom part for the doctors’ offices and the upstairs as the family living quarters. In 1908 two apartments were added upstairs. They were occupied by Dr. Clarke G. Axline and Dr. James M. Lantz. It stayed in the Lantz family until 1954 when James A. Lantz and William Dagger purchased the building for their law offices. In 1957 attorney Robert Johnston joined the law firm of Dagger and Lantz.

In 1964 the exterior was remodeled to enhance the historic features of the home.

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