Formerly Herrenhaus Elflein, Mirabelle Farm & Vineyard features a friendly and relaxing gathering space to enjoy German style wines. Please call to set up a private tasting, purchase wine, or inquire about special events.

Mirabelle Farm & Vineyard consists of 8 scenic acres situated in the southwest corner of Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, at 39.7°N Latitude with an elevation of 928 ft, on a westward-facing slope. Under cultivation are approximately 1,500 grapevines consisting of German varietals Kerner, Dornfelder, and Blaufränkisch, as well as the Gewürztraminer hybrid Traminette, producing roughly 7-8 tons per year. The vineyard soil complex consists of three variations of Miamian Silt Loam strewn with large deposits of sandstone and pink/blue granite glacial rubble, which add a unique level of minerality. The three main soil variants range from light cocoa brown to coffee black in appearance. This estate also cultivates sweet cherries, pears, and apples, and maintains the largest planting of Mirabelle plums in Ohio.

History of the Winery

Originally, the Elflein family hails from the tiny village of Abtswind, on the edge of the Steigerwald forest in the wine country of Franconia, northern Bavaria, and has been making wine and spirits for generations. Having emigrated to Ohio in 1927, the Elfleins continued their winemaking from the tiny family house on Kossuth St. in German Village for the next 60 years. They were the third generation of winemakers carrying on the tradition of cultivating impeccable flavors and curating unforgettable experiences. As a husband and wife team, they brought their ‘beyond Riesling” wines to central Ohio.

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