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4 Staycation Ideas for a Great Trip

March 23, 2022

4 Staycation Ideas for a Great Trip

Booking “staycations” has become more and more popular as folks clamor for a little R&R. Whether you want staycation ideas for couples on a romantic getaway or some great activities for a short trip with buddies over the weekend, we have you covered. Here are four staycation ideas that will make for an amazing short trip. But first, what is the definition of “staycation” exactly?

What is a Staycation Exactly?

Besides being a fun term, what is a staycation? As this clever infographic shows, “staycation” means a short trip in or around your local area. A portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation,” these are vacations in which you stay close to home… staycations! The financial benefits are clear, as staycations allow you to avoid airfare and car rentals. But what else might persuade you to forego Cabo or Belize in favor of exploring your immediate surroundings? Well, as it turns out… kind of a lot.

Why Plan a Staycation Over a Vacation (Besides the Savings)?


Besides the money, there’s also the precious time you save. A flight to Mexico and back will easily eat up 15+ hours of your vacation if you’re flying out of Ohio. But road tripping a couple towns over? That’ll only set you back an hour tops and probably net you some gas station snacks in the process.

Fresh Eyes

It may sound silly, but giving yourself the permission to be a tourist in your own area is pretty magical. No matter where you live, there are likely places you haven’t explored. Chances are good that there’s a cool local gem or two (metro park, museum, gallery, golf course, etc.) that you’ve never even heard of before. And if you’re into trying new foods, staycations are a perfect opportunity to check off a few under-the-radar local restaurants from your list.

Stimulate Your Local Economy

By investing in nearby towns and other areas, you’re supporting what makes your community great. And that’s something you can feel really good about. Good enough, we wager, to justify a short trip to Fairfield County this upcoming weekend! 😉

Travel Logistics

Even as many of us reacquaint ourselves with air travel, not everyone is totally comfortable with it yet. If that’s you, a short trip nearby will likely sound much more manageable and relaxing. The popularity of staycations has certainly risen during pandemic times, and it remains a great option for keeping travel logistics simple and safe.

Speaking of logistics, let’s take a look at what to pack before we hop into some awesome staycation ideas!

What to Take on a Road Trip or Staycation

Packing is a lot less stressful when you’re planning a staycation because worst case scenario, you can always just drive back home for that jacket you didn’t think you’d need. Obviously, bringing a passport will be unnecessary on a staycation, as will size-checking your toothpaste and sunscreen, so you’re free to relax a bit.

When you get down to it, the ability to keep things light and spontaneous is a large part of the appeal. So pack some snacks, clothing, and perhaps a map of the nearby area. And if the money you save by not flying or renting a vehicle opens your budget up a little bit, why not indulge in a luxury cabin rental or other fun and memorable lodging experience?

What to Do On a Staycation

The sky’s the limit when it comes to deciding what to do on a staycation. In fact, with Fairfield County being such a hot spot for them these days, we put together four staycation ideas based on specific themes and personality types. Each has plenty of suggestions for activities, food, and more. So which experience is the best fit for your trip interests? If any of these staycation ideas strikes you (you’re also free to mix and match, of course), print it out, pack a bag, and come see us in beautiful Fairfield County!

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