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5 Activity Ideas for Romantic Getaways in Ohio for Couples

February 10, 2021

Explore the variety of activities available for your next romantic getaway in Ohio.

5 Activity Ideas for Romantic Getaways in Ohio for Couples

As businesses open their doors and travel becomes a safer option, we know there are all sorts of activities you’re itching to get back to. For many folks, some quick weekend getaways may be a great way to dip their toes back into traveling. And what better time than Valentine’s Day to look at relaxing and romantic getaways in Ohio? With that in mind, here are five of our favorite ideas for your next weekend trip in the Buckeye State.

A man with flowers on his shoulder.
You don’t need a special occasion for a romantic weekend getaway in Ohio.

When you’re looking to fill a couple’s weekend with fun activities in the Buckeye State, you have plenty of options. From breweries and festivals to camping, fishing, and museums, there’s enough to fill a lifetime of romantic weekend getaways in Ohio for couples. So pick one (or more!) and make your next trip one to remember.

5 Fun Ideas to Add to Your Next Romantic Getaway in Ohio

Visit a Brewery

Does your partner have a taste for local craft beers? Ohio has long been one of the leading states when it comes to brewing and imbibing. That’s why couples planning romantic getaways in Ohio so often block off an evening to hit up a brewery and try some seasonal specials. There certainly are enough well-loved watering holes to choose from!

Rockmill Brewery is one such Ohio favorite. It’s a frequent stop for folks on their way to and from the Hocking Hills area. When it comes to Belgian-style farmhouse ales, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find better… short of a trip to Western Europe. For weekend getaways in Ohio and the midwest at large, Rockmill is definitely worth your time. From their Saison draft to the tasty Dubbel Abbey Ale, you’re bound to find something you’ll love here.

Go Fishin’

Many seasoned anglers find fishing to be a nice and relaxing Ohio getaway as the weather starts to warm up. It may not be the first idea that comes to mind for romantic getaways in Ohio, but it can actually be a real winner! For ages, the phrase “gone fishin'” has been synonymous with getting away from it all. And sure, you don’t have to take it literally, but maybe you should…

Closed Gone Fishin' painted on a boarded up business window.
Weekend getaways in Ohio can be a great time to dust off the ol’ fishing pole.

Fishing is a big deal in the Buckeye State, and there are enough sweet spots for catching a variety of fish species that you never have to go far. If your person likes being around the water, this may just be the fun morning activity to kick your day off right before heading out to a nice restaurant for lunch.

Experience Something New Together

Got yourself a brainy beau? There are plenty of wonderful museums and other educational opportunities around the state to keep you busy. Romantic getaways in Ohio can even include something more adventurous, like visiting the Ohio Glass Museum and Glass Blowing Studio for a glass blowing class!

Museums, galleries, and interactive exhibits make for great ways to spice up any given Ohio vacation spot because of just how prevalent they are around the state. From the American Motorcycle Association’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame and the escape rooms at Rule 3 to countless galleries and murals for every artistic sensibility under the sun, there’s just no shortage of fun ideas to jumpstart any occasion — from a spontaneous road trip all the way up to an anniversary getaway.

Check Out a Festival

Ah, festivals… There’s nothing quite like exploring a big open space full of great activities, music, food, and people. While festivals will look a bit different in 2021/22, we’re hopeful that over time we can return to safe gatherings of this kind.

Whatever your area of interest, the Buckeye State has a festival for you. And many are more than just for music, focusing on our rich agricultural history and other local interests. Choosing one or more of them is a fantastic way to raise the bar when planning romantic getaways in Ohio.

Depending on the festival you choose, you can make this an afternoon event or even the focus of the whole weekend. The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival, for instance, is an absolute blast of rides, contests, and of course… lots and lots of sweet corn. With over 20 rides, a beer garden, musical performances from Nashville, a 5k race, a parade, and much more slated for 2021’s event, this 75-year-old sweet corn festival is a must-see for any true Ohioan.

Two young women on a romantic getaway.
Photo credit: @sharonmccutcheon

Watch the Stars

Who said romantic getaways in Ohio have to be expensive? If you’re looking for cheap, fun things to do in Ohio for couples, there are plenty of free camping spots. And even if you decide to set up camp somewhere that charges a small fee, you can still bet it’ll be a drop in the bucket compared to a hotel room. And if you aren’t interested in the full camping in Ohio experience, you don’t have to sleep under the stars to enjoy them when they come out. Why not make a quick stargazing stop?

There’s just something special about staring up into the night sky beside someone you love. Bring a blanket, set up a tent, or rent a nearby cabin. You don’t have to be a full-blown outdoorsman to enjoy one of the most tried and true, go-to ideas for romantic getaways in Ohio.

The Final Word On Weekend Getaways in Ohio

Filling up a vacation with activities is all about finding that sweet combination of exciting and relaxing. Now that you have some jumping-off points for weekend getaways in Ohio, it’s time to make it happen!

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