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40 Must-See Mural Paintings in Fairfield County

August 27, 2021

Check out our comprehensive list of mural art around this creative county.

40 Must-See Mural Paintings in Fairfield County

Here’s some fun news that we’re excited to share with you: Fairfield County, Ohio has received several honors from the National Association of Counties! Among the 2021 Achievement Awards with this county’s name on them is the “Inspiring Placemaking with Mural Art Award” — super cool! In honor of that, we’ve been taking stock of all the awesome mural paintings in our area. And there are… well, there are a ton.

We’re so proud that Fairfield County is providing such a fertile ground for artists, and it seems clear that we’re creating more and more opportunities together for their art to shine!

40 Mural Art Spots In Fairfield County

Below we’ve listed every mural in the entire county in several groups. We have been thorough, but listen up, locals: we need your help! Read through our list, and let us know if any are missing.

The Open Air Art Trail Mural Art

Below are each of the mural paintings you can find along the Open Air Art Trail in Lancaster, Ohio.

2021 Achievement Award Winner

Here we have the mural that won our county an award with the National Association of Counties this year.

Hometown Heroes — Amstutz Patriotic Mural

Painted by Jonathan Remoquillo and Jason Annecy, this is an intricate piece of history that truly honors the history of our county. The loving attention to detail is apparent in the stylistic pomp and tradition. The artwork pays tribute to Fairfield County, the state of Ohio, and the wider USA in addition to the individual legacy of Army Sgt. Joey Collette. A true hometown hero with roots in Lancaster, Sgt. Collette was killed in action in 2019 while serving overseas in Afghanistan. Gone, yes, but not forgotten.

Hometown Heroes is a testament to the proud spirit of our state, our nation, and the amazing individuals who go out and represent this very county.

Th Hometown Heroes mural in Fairfield County, Ohio.
Winner of the “Inspiring Placemaking with Mural Art Award” from the National Association of Counties!

The Zebco Mural Paintings

The following are a variety of murals on display outside of the headquarters for Zebco Industries.

Celebrate the Arts

This is a painting for anyone who loves starry nights and the timeless melodies that fill them.


A tribute to William Tecumseh Sherman, this is a must-see for the history buffs.

Lancaster Images

Most aspiring child artists are relegated to the family fridge, but not the 8th grade art class that painted this mural!

Car in the Alley
A mural of a blue car in an alley.

This painting was “Built Ford Tough” for true classic car enthusiasts.


The stars and stripes, as brought to you by the Lancaster City Schools High School Art Department.

Fairfield County Fair

The last and the best of the season, baby!

Canal Mural

Do you like horses? How about canals? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you’re in the right place.

Lancaster Skyline
A mural painting of the Lancaster, Ohio skyline.

Here we have a lovely painting of the evening sky above downtown Lancaster.

Rock Mill

Rock Mill is a name that resonates across Fairfield County. From the brewery to the fishing lake, to the historic Rock Mill Covered Bridge depicted in this mural, Rock Mill is as much a part of the fabric of Fairfield County as anything you could name.

Liviu Poleuca Murals

The following are a series of murals contributed to the Open Air Art Trail by the artist Liviu Poleuca.

Bullseye Mural

Don’t miss this one, folks! (See what I did there?)

Black & White Diamond Psychedelic

This black and white geometric pattern is sure to mesmerize ya!

Black & White Psychedelic

Located on the opposite side of the building from the Black & White Diamond Psychedelic Mural, Poleuca painted this one in a similar style. Walk around and check it out whenever you break out of your original trance.


I think we can all relate to being an automaton — doomed to play “she loves me, she loves me not” with a bleeding, metal heart, right…? Right? Comic illustrator Matt Jackson collaborated with Poleuca on this intergalactic scene.

Blue Art

What, you thought Picasso was the only one with a blue period?

Argyle mural painting.

This nifty alley installment is just a hop and a skip from the Lancaster Fountain Square.

Unique History Murals

Each of these paintings has a unique history not to be missed!

Richard Outcault Comic Strip

Lancaster’s famous native son Richard Outcault is immortalized through his pivotal comic strip “Buster Brown,” his work with Thomas Edison, and an undeniably eye-catching mural art dedication.

Thomas Ewing

Back when politicians wore wigs and some even called themselves the same (“Whigs,” that is), Thomas Ewing practiced law in Lancaster before making a name for himself in Washington.

The 2 Gay Fad Studio Murals

These mural paintings honor the old Gay Fad Studios glassworks company and its CEO, Fran Taylor.

Painting on the side of a building at Gay Fad Studios.

The FC Public Art Trail Mural Art

Below are all of the murals along our public art trail. Enjoy!

Lauren Leibold Mural Art

The following are Fairfield County murals painted by Lauren Leibold.

Historic Marcy Store & Diner

Doesn’t this one just take you back to a simpler time? Bring on the sock hops and jalopies!

Honey Bee and Flower Mural
Mural art depicting a honeybee and flowers.

Wrapping its way around the Lithopolis Waterworks Building, this work of art is a favorite for sure.

SILOHS Sweet Treats

We’ve taken in quite a few paintings so far, but hopefully you still have room for dessert!

American Legion Post 677

A painting of strength and character, Leibold’s American Legion mural pays tribute to our service members and all who serve this country.

Remo Mural Art

The following (in addition to the Hometown Heroes mural we began with at the top) are murals painted by Jonathan Remoquillo, or “Remo.”

Giant Tandem Bike

While one might argue that a twenty-person tandem bicycle is comparably dangerous to not wearing a helmet, this painted PSA is cute, creative, and socially responsible. Five stars!

Rubber Duckies

A word to the wise: locals and tourists alike have reported several sightings of Sesame Street’s Ernie creeping around under this particular bridge. Stay on your toes, folks.

Foster the Future

As inspired as it is inspiring, this Chestnut Street work of art is a colorful testament to the value our community places on its foster care system. According to Fairfield County Administrator Carri Brown, the images depicted along each of its walls are based on real stories from foster families.

Andy Wise Mural Art

American Flag

A patriotic painting from a Gulf War Veteran and talented artist to boot.

Train Out of Nowhere

This mural will hit ya like a ton of bricks if you’re not looking out!

Patriotic Chevy Logo

We made sure to keep this and the Ford mural in separate towns — for the good of the order.

Harley Davidson

Vroom vroom! This mural has undeniable attitude. Best steer clear.

Other Murals

Olde Bremen Village
A painting of a town that says "Welcome to Olde Bremen - 1834."

Bremen may not have as many horse-drawn carriages these days, but it never lost its charm.

The Spirit of Lancaster

A sweet tribute to the je ne sais quoi of our county seat.

Clear Creek Country Covered Bridge
A painting of a covered bridge on the side of a building.

This homage to Clear Creek Country, located right here in Oakland, is near and dear to our hearts.

Ohio-Erie Canal
A local mural painting of a boat on the Ohio-Erie Canal.

It’s been nearly 125 years since a canal boat came through Carroll, Ohio, but you wouldn’t know it strolling past the 73 W Canal Street!

The mural at this location is based on a photo from those days. Among other historical elements, it depicts the Dick Gorhman, a historic boat that patrolled the Ohio-Erie Canal before its eventual abandonment.

The 3 Quilt Square Murals of Fairfield

Quilt Squares have been painted on barns and other structures across the county.

Lancaster, Amanda, and Bremen. Gotta catch ’em all!

Did We Miss Any Awesome Mural Art in the County?

Let us know! We’d love to make this a definitive list of every instance of mural art in Fairfield County going forward. We’ll update accordingly, so shoot us an email or reach out on Facebook and Instagram to tip us off to any other sweet mural paintings.

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