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6 of the Best Ohio Wineries in 2022

July 5, 2022

6 of the Best Ohio Wineries in 2022

Few things say summer in the Buckeye State like visiting some Ohio wineries for a glass or two of crispy white. And since we’ve now entered into the second official week of this sunny season, we’re shouting it from the rooftops! So, where can you find the best local wine? Everyone knows the score on Ohio breweries, but what about all the wineries in Ohio? Well, we put together the Covered Bridge Country Wine Trail to share six of our absolute favorites with you.

6 Amazing Ohio Wineries to Visit This Summer

In taking a look at some of our favorite Ohio wineries, we’ll look at Slate Run Vineyard, Buckeye Lake Winery, Mirabelle Farm & Vineyard, Clearcreek Country Vineyard & Winery, Rockside Winery & Vineyards, and Manchester Hill Winery. Each of these establishments lies inside covered bridge country and, thus, has made it onto the well-loved Covered Bridge Country Ohio Wine Trail.

Slate Run Vineyard

With 17 proprietary wines, Slate Run is located on a glacial moraine in Lancaster. Each of the tasty wines this Ohio winery produces come from sources close to home. The owners guarantee “everything comes as locally as possible,” including apples from Hugus Farms, the site of one of our 12 Fun Fall Activities in Ohio!

Five bottles of wine from Slate Run.
Slate Run gives is one of the most unique vineyards in Ohio.
Wine at Buckeye Lake Winery.

Buckeye Lake Winery

Buckeye Lake Winery is a total gem. On top of offering some of the best Ohio wine money can buy, this establishment also made it onto our list of the 8 Great Under-the-Radar Ohio Restaurants, thanks to its delectable brunch menu. So, couple that with a glass of Lake View Red, and you can pretty much forget about any other plans you had for your upcoming lazy Sunday.

Mirabelle Farm & Vineyard

The newest Ohio winery is finally here! Mirabelle Farm & Vineyard has officially opened as of July 2, and folks are in love. Formerly Herrenhaus Elflein Frankish Vineyard and Winery, Mirabelle houses a wide selection of relatively rare cold-climate cultivars from Germany growing in their home vineyard.

Clearcreek Country Vineyard & Winery

If Sundays are for Buckeye Lake, then Saturdays are for this family-owned Ohio winery (open 4pm to 8pm). This vineyard started out as a retirement plan for Harley Davidson Engineer Gary Evans and his wife Shirley. Today, many members of the family pitch in to keep the well-loved business running.

The categories “Sweet”, Semi-Sweet,” and “Dry” encompass 20 wines that visitors can pick and choose from. They are also open for events and private tastings.

Rockside Winery & Vineyards

Home to no-reservation-necessary wine tastings, Rockside Winery & Vineyards is certainly a fun one to visit. The views are peaceful, the event calendar is packed, and the wine (including a wine cake selection!) is plentiful. Rockside also offers a “Your Wine, Your Way” Wine Club that offers quarterly, customizable wine shipments. Membership in the club includes a bunch of discounts and access to pre-release wines.

Manchester Hill Winery

Manchester Hill Winery out in Circleville by Hocking Hills has a bunch of enticing sweet wines in particular. The winery has been nationally recognized and uses “old world techniques combined with modern scientific analysis and understanding” to craft delicious taste profiles you won’t soon forget.

Wine from Manchester Hill, one of the best wineries in Ohio.
Manchester Hill is one of the nationally recognized wineries in Ohio.

Discover The Best Wineries in Ohio

Each of these fabulous Ohio wineries makes up part of the Covered Bridge Country Wine Trail. Fairfield County, Ohio is home to 17 remaining covered bridges — that’s the most of any county in the state — and travelers along this trial get to see them all. Plan your trip today to experience a beloved Ohio wine trail and the gorgeous historic bridges that line it!

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