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Helicopter Tours of Ohio: The Hottest Activity of 2023

June 4, 2021

Grab your friends, partner, or kids and take a helicopter tour of Ohio this summer!

Helicopter Tours of Ohio: The Hottest Activity of 2023

When you think of helicopter tours, your mind may go to a birds-eye view of Hawaii or the Grand Canyon. But did you know that there’s an option for aerial tours right here in Fairfield County? There’s just so much to see around this area, and let’s face it: a trip to Honolulu isn’t a cost-effective date night for everyone’s weekend. So buckle up and get your binoculars ready as we take a look at several awesome options for Ohio helicopter tours. 

A happy married couple on their aerial tour in a helicopter over Ohio.
happy wedding couple bride and groom riding helicopter

Helicopter Rides in Ohio

Havens Aviation in Fairfield County offers several aerial tour options for groups of 1-4 people. Their pilots are available to take you over Hocking Hills and Buckeye Lake aboard a luxurious, jet-powered Bell 206 helicopter. Everyone on board gets plenty of room and their own headset to help you block out the noise while focusing on some once-in-a-lifetime views. 

Besides offering three separate and inspiring Ohio helicopter tours, the pilots are also amenable to making your special occasions perfect. Can you think of a more wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary or propose to your partner? Be sure to book your tour in advance!

Bridges & Buckeye Lake Helicopter Tours

If there’s one thing Fairfield County is known for, it’s probably our covered bridges. Boasting the most historic covered bridges in the state, there’s a lot of ground to cover. From the 96-foot-long Charles Holliday Bridge (located today on the grounds of the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival) all the way to the Hanaway Bridge with its original abutments, Fairfield County stands built, in many ways, on the charm of these lasting architectural designs. 

What would you like to see on a scenic air tour?

Learn more about the individual Fairfield County Bridges with our handy Covered Bridge Trail PDF.

But let’s not forget nearby Buckeye Lake and everything around it either. More than being one of the best places for fishing in Ohio, Buckeye Lake is a magnificent, 3,000+ acre body of aquatic Ohioan majesty. Flying over Fairfield County with its 17 covered bridges and the natural wonder of Mt. Pleasant along with the expansive entirety of Buckeye Lake in a single helicopter tour is a real treat.  

Ohio helicopter tour views sure do leave a lasting impression.

Pro Tip: Time it right, and you may just catch an aerial glimpse of Lancaster Festival, or Brewfest (sponsored by several of our favorite Ohio breweries). 

How Much are Helicopter Rides Over Buckeye Lake?


Hocking Hills Helicopter Tours

Hocking Hills as seen from high up in a helicopter.
The majesty of Hocking Hills as only the birds see it.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the state, Hocking Hills is filled with beautiful forest land and waterfalls that take on a whole new feel when seen from a birds-eye view. Check out the natural beauty of Cedar Falls, Whispering Falls, and so many other famous spots around the region including an amazing view of Mt. Pleasant. As a bonus, while soaring over this area, you’ll also catch sight of some of the covered bridges featured in the Bridges and Buckeye Lake tour! 

Just a short flight south from the Fairfield County Airport, these 35-minute aerial tours are sure to leave you and/or your group with plenty of lasting memories.

How Much are Helicopter Rides Over Hocking Hills?


A Havens Aviation Jetranger Helicopter.
Book your helicopter ride over Ohio today!

Questions About Booking a Helicopter Ride?

Let us know! We’re so excited to see these Ohio helicopter tours in full swing this summer. That’s why we’re spreading the word! Whether you’re looking for a romantic couples helicopter ride or you have a group of adventurous friends who want to give it a try, please reach out with any questions! We’ll be more than happy to answer them or point you in the right direction.

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