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10 Fun Things to Do This Summer in Fairfield County

June 23, 2021

There are plenty of things to do this summer in Fairfield County. Come join us for some fun!

10 Fun Things to Do This Summer in Fairfield County

Summer officially starts next week, and if you’re anything like us, you don’t want to waste a second of it this year. With the sun in the sky and the world slowly returning to normal, every moment feels especially precious. Luckily, you shouldn’t have any trouble filling your 2021 summer with great times. That’s because there’s no shortage of unique and exciting things to do this summer when you’re in the Fairfield County area.

10 Awesome Things to Do This Summer

Disc Golf

A man with long, blonde hair tossing a red and yellow disc golf disc into the chain trap.
Looking for fun things to do in Ohio this summer? Give disc golf a try!

If traditional golf courses don’t do it for you, it’s time to trade that collared polo in for a tank top. There are more ways to brag about a ninth-hole birdie than over Arnold Palmers at the local links. If you haven’t spent an afternoon with your buddies and a couple of discs, it might be time to give it a shot over at The Eagle’s Nest in Alley Park.

Covered Bridge Tour

Two people pointing at a covered bridge.
Visiting a covered bridge is a wonderful start to many a date night in Fairfield County!

Anyone who spends time in Fairfield County is unlikely to avoid learning a little something about our covered bridges. We have more remaining original covered bridges than anywhere in Ohio, and we’re proud of it! So make sure you leave room in your summer activities for the historic Covered Bridge Trail

Plan out your route with our handy covered bridge map.

Bonus Tip: Can’t get enough when it comes to covered bridges? Check out one or both of the Fairfield County murals that depict them!


The geographical wonders of the Hocking Hills are on full display at Valley Zipline Tours. With nine separate lines and 5,000+ feet of pure adrenaline over lush scenery, there’s no better summer activity for pushing your limits and enjoying the natural beauty of central Ohio. Glide across the county at speeds of up to 50 m.p.h. and come back to earth with some awesome memories!  

A group of people in ziplining gear with a sign that says, "You should be here."

Kayak, Canoe, or Bike by the Lake

If your summer activities don’t include getting out to Buckeye Lake, we have serious questions! LakeBound Outfitters offers kayaking and canoeing options as well as bike rentals for the shoreline bike path that runs along the dam.

The silhouette of a person in a canoe paddling out under an orange sky.
Photo credit: @reinedownphotography

Don’t forget to pick up your LBO t-shirt or hat to make it official!        

Eat Out

If you want BBQ done right this Independence Day weekend, Bob’s Backyard Barbeque is the place to go. Looking to grab a drink or two? Not a problem. Did you know that some of central Ohio’s coolest breweries are right here in Fairfield County? Pro Tip: Rockmill Brewery has a particularly awesome summer patio. Bottom line: when you work up an appetite in between summer activities or need a nice restaurant for date night, you don’t have to look far.

A spread of Rockmill Brewery wine, fine cheeses, fruit, and pasta on a patio table with flowers.
Photo credit: @amberyv

For a TON of other eclectic and mouthwatering Fairfield County spots, check out the Tastes of Fairfield County.      


Looking for some relaxing things to do this summer? Want to get out on the water without all the constant rowing? You’ll find a wide variety of fishing spots in central Ohio where you can sit on the bank or row out a bit and float the afternoon away. Just be sure to bring that sunscreen!  

A fishing pole propped up on a dock in the evening.
Photo credit: @angy33174

Escape Rooms

For some exciting, new things to do this summer, look no further than Rule 3. With three new escape room experiences with riveting storylines, you’re in for a real treat that will test your smarts. Can you handle the pressure and get out in time?

Bonus: There are all sorts of other fun things to do at Rule 3 too! Why not dust off those bowling shoes while you’re there?

Two boys walk up a bowling lane to bowl.
Photo credit: @jeska209

Jet Pack Water Adventures

If you’re truly adventurous and looking for some next-level things to do in Ohio this summer, here you go! Piloting a jet pack over a private lake would have been classified as science fiction a couple of decades ago, but today it’s a safe and exhilarating experience from Jet Pack Water Adventures that is 110% guaranteed to spice up the season.  

Helicopter Rides

Driving from covered bridge to covered bridge and seeing these works of ingenuity up close is great, but why not check ’em out from a birds-eye view as well? Havens Aviation has a variety of amazing helicopter tours that show off the majesty of Fairfield County like you’ve never seen it before. Be sure to book ahead!

A man and woman smiling with headsets on during a helicopter tour.

Picture Perfect Ranch

When was the last time you took a trip to a petting zoo? With everything from paint parties to outdoor yoga, Picture Perfect Ranch is definitely more than just a place to pet goats and sheep — it’s a must-see for every one of you fun-loving outdoorsy folks out there! 

A couple of small children pet two baby alpacas.
If feeding llamas isn’t on your summer activities list, are you even doing summer right?

What Are Your Top Activity Ideas for the Summer?

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